Meets Thursday morning at 6:30 am to 7:30am (Followed by an 11$ All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Breakfast for those who don’t have to rush off to work and can stay) at Gramas Inn 901 Central street. There is a private room in the back, so just ask to be directed there if you don’t know where you’re going.
What?!! 6:30 am?! Why so early?
We chose the time so that only men who really wanted to come would show up!
This is a dynamic, robust, interactive meeting of between 20 and 30 men who wrestle with life issues together. We deal with topics that are relevant and dig into God’s word together to find answers and solutions that are based in the word and biblical principles. The sharing is raw, organic and authentic. Anyone with a heart to grow, and engage in transformational friendships will find this is an oasis and a safe place to share and develop.
Our group is multi-generational and guys range in age from 13 to 78
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Girlfriends Coffee House Connections is a woman’s group that gathers Monday evenings at 7pm @ Theatre Northwest. Our mandate is to help each other to identify and clarify some necessary elements that are foundational for every believer in Jesus Christ, empowering them to be an active and fruitful member of the body. We join in an interactive journey of discovering the profound simplicity of becoming a child of a good Father.

Starting September 18th, 2017 all ladies are welcome to join us in fellowship together. There is no cost to attending these events. We just need your time and energy to get out to be with us all. The first night together we will be giving you all an introduction to the new series that we will be watching on the screen as a video series.
The Forgotten Way

Live with More Power and Peace
Jesus said we would live with power, that rivers of life would flow from our innermost being, and we would know unspeakable peace and joy in this life . . . not only in the next.

And yet, what Jesus said and how we really experience life are very different.

Do you ever find yourself shackled by worry, depression, financial struggle, or the pain of regret and broken relationships? Who are you then, when it seems all of life might crush you?

The Forgotten Way will show you the truth of who Yeshua says you are, and the Way to power and peace that is available to you right now in every situation. A Way that we all forget every day, but need not anymore.

Now is the time to remember. To awaken. To finally live the way you were intended to: in power and peace as a son or daughter of God.

Missions – Our Missionaries

Our Missionaries Larry and Francine Curruters

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As the Genesis prayer team we desire to see Christ glorified and our faith built up through answered prayers. We also work to be a grace focused, uplifting support to the body of Christ. We do this through pre-service prayer every Sunday morning at 9:30am, and a prayer request box is available in the foyer. Also some of our members are available for individual prayer in homes or hospitals. Requests can also be made to:

Marriage Coaching and Conflict Resolution

Pastor Paul has over 34 years of experience in marriage coaching, counselling, and conflict resolution. If you are in a relationship that is stuck or you are experiencing frustration and low satisfaction, help is available by appointment.
If you are considering marriage, we offer a comprehensive pre-marital program. Couples who go through pre- marital work have a significantly lower rate of failure and divorce. This is also available by appointment, call the church office and set up a time.

Phone 236-423-1117


We have many diverse opportunities for those who feel called to worship. Please email if you’re interested in helping with the sound, media or music!

Serving and Volunteering

We are a diverse group and have many areas where you can volunteer and serve.
We believe that it is the responsibility of each person to Discover, Develop and Deploy their gifts and talents in the service of others!

If you are interested in serving or volunteering in an area of ministry here at Genesis we would be thrilled to meet with you personally, and assist you in the above and in finding the best place for you to be involved.
We want to match your gifts, abilities and passion with the right place and role in which to serve.
Please call the church office or email